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A SOSTENIBLE BUSINESS I have a friend whose father is THE carpenter of my village, with his own woodwork. That means being socially above the others neighbours. The social hierarchy of my town is the following: The priest < The doctor < The carpenter < The village...


1.Coronavirus The 500-bed military hospital which was settled in Prague hasn’t received any patient, and the figures suggest it won’t. That means that the number of people in hospital was lower than expected, but it has already cost approximately 26 millions CZ. https://www.praguemorning.cz/pragues-letnany-covid-19-field-hospital-hasnt-treated-a-single-coronavirus-patient/ 2.Economy The government approved a rise...

DELPHINE’S PRESS REVIEW 5 – What’s up in the Czech Republic?

1.Coronavirus 7 357 new cases of covid-19 have been detected this Friday. It is 4200 less than last week, showing that the epidemic is clearly decreasing. Children in first and second grade are supposed to go back to school on Wednesday, November 18th. https://english.radio.cz/covid-19-drop-new-infections-continues-reproduction-rate-07-08-8700160   2.Culture The Aussie & Kiwi...


It’s a fact. This is not being the beginning which I had expected. I guess you know why, but I will explain you in details, trying keep the calm… All happened in a cold afternoon of Autumn, in Slany. I had bought an avocado in my supermarket...

César’s 1st blog: ROAD AND BLANKET – a long trip

ROAD AND BLANKET – A LONG TRIP The trip was long but, by the moment, it’s worth it. This experience has started driving with almost 2.000 km by road, driving my car from Spain to Czech Republic. ¡You are crazy! Say me partners and friends. My flight had...

Press Review 1 (4/10-10/10/2020) from Delphine

1.Corona The number of cases has reached a new record (8 618 new cases on Friday 9th) and 2085 people are currently hospitalized with Covid-19. The government warns on stricter measures such as targeted lock-down in order to reduce the reproduction number of the virus. For economical reasons,...