04 Lis César’s blog – DIFFICULT BEGINNINGS

It’s a fact. This is not being the beginning which I had expected. I guess you know why, but I will explain you in details, trying keep the calm…

All happened in a cold afternoon of Autumn, in Slany.

I had bought an avocado in my supermarket of confidence, but avocado never arrived to my home. I don’t understand what could happen.

I promise you that I caught the avocado with my hand, and I put it in my shopping cart with other important things like beer and some beer as well. The avocado got to the checkout. I paid it. Avocado appeared in the bill: Almost 60 crowns! More than 2 € that I could have used to buy important things. For example 4 more beers.

Okey. At the night, when I opened the fridge to make a salad with my avocado, it wasn’t. I was nervous. I looked for it everywhere, even inside of the beer, but it wasn’t. Anxiety invaded me. I trust in Delphine, my roommate. She is a good girl, I know she doesn’t steal avocados.

There was only one option, the avocado had fallen out of the bag on the way between the supermarket and my home.

I was in pyjama – night suit, but my wish to find the avocado was so strong, and I hadn’t time to change my clothes. I quickly left home in slippers, went downstaris and I went out to the street. People looked at me weird but I didn’t care, I only wanted find my avocado. But it wasn’t.

I came back to home, frustrated and angried. I closed the door very hard – I think I woke up our neghbor’s baby, because the next day complained about the noisy of the knock.

That night I had to dinner a salad but without avocado.

Days later, I went sightseeing with my friend Delphine to visit villages near to Slany (Panensky, Klobuky…). I didn’t expect what happened to me. I found a giant avocado nailed to the ground. Delphine said that it was a Menhir, but not, I’m sure that it was a giant avocado, I knew that it was MY lost avocado. It had grown.

I hugged it with energy and passion.

This is my history. This is my hard beginning.

With attitude and faith you can find what you lost. Everything is in your mind.  You can choose if you want to be concerned about Covid, or if you fight against it and win.




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