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I have a friend whose father is THE carpenter of my village, with his own woodwork. That means being socially above the others neighbours. The social hierarchy of my town is the following:

The priest < The doctor < The carpenter < The village teacher < Pets of previous < Normal neighbours (like me) < Pets of the junkies < Junkies.

Definetely, I always thought that he had the life determined. He had a business with a present and a future, without competence, he only had to maintain a portfolio of clientes that had been generated by his father. Apparently simple.

My friend always was an ambitius man. He wanted to be forestry engineer and forget about the woodwork. Get out of his village, meeting new people, exploring the world with his bike, drinking wine… Everybody thought he was selfish, but no. He went much further, thinking no only about him, but also about the future of his brother and his father. Nobody had identified the true goals of my friend: Caring for the wood from the forests which make the family business posible.

However, it wasn’t easy times. Depopulation of my village, real estate bubble burst which decreased wooden constructions and, to top it off, people didn’t spend their savings to fix the wood furnitures…

Currently, people only use the wood to:

  • Burn it to make a fire and grill some chops
  • Create characters like Woddy of “Toy Story”
  • Touching their heads for luck
  • Give moral lessons with sayings like:
  • “Be wood my friend”
  • “Make wood and not war”
  • “There are not paths to peace, the wood is the way”

He now is sad, jobless, so I want to dedicate this letter.

“Dear friend,

I’m still in Slany, doing mine like you know. Here, the things are going very well “bro”. I’m sure you would like this place. There are many forests with a high quality wood. People have a lot of wood tables, wood chairs, wood floors, wood houses in countryside, and a lot of wood in their heads!! No plastic, man. People here is crazy about wood…

And you won’t belive me “bro”… They have built a BIG “Nativity Secen” with only wood!! Yes… Mary, Joseph, the sheep, the goat, the cabin… even the Baby Jesus, all with wood!! They are crazy. Moreover they also say that the baby Jesus will offer gifts to everybody, surely all will be wooden gifts.

My friend, you definetely have to come Slany. Here is your chance. I can help you with the contacts, I have many friends.. at least 20 on Facebook.

I told you that coming here was a great idea…”


A sostinable business.





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