César’s 1st blog: ROAD AND BLANKET – a long trip

19 Říj César’s 1st blog: ROAD AND BLANKET – a long trip


The trip was long but, by the moment, it’s worth it.

This experience has started driving with almost 2.000 km by road, driving my car from Spain to Czech Republic. ¡You are crazy! Say me partners and friends. My flight had been cancelled and the Covid situation doesn’t invite to buy other ticket or search other public transport from Spain, even more when I lived in La Rioja, the community with a higher incidence of infected of all Spain. So, I took my car and come over. I won’t deceive you, I had already tought and this fact motivated my decision: More ambulatory freedom, more prior reassurance, and higher space to bring more baggage and gadgets.

Moreover, when I told that this experience started before to arrive Slany, it’s really true. For 26 hours I lived hard moments:

  • First recommendation, must not circulate much about Burdeox (France). Not matter what it is, there will be traffic jam. Anytime. Even, if you are relaxy stopped in thoses jams, the whistle of a motorcycle may be able to dislocate your shoulder from fright. I have to say that my speed of reaction to dangers, it sometimes plays me a trick on me.

  • Second recommendation, if you’re goint to sleep in the car, you should take with you a pillow if you don’t want suffer a stiff nech for one week, which coupled with potential shoulder dislocation, can make you go directly to the tramatologist.
  • Third recommendation, before to driving 2.000 km, check your GPS, the works in the road, and its position in the car, as it could decrease your right visibility.


Despite this, not all was bad. In fact, in general was a incredible trip. I also live absurd situations, and some others with a lot charm:

  • Eating a sándwich in a french service área, in the middle of the cold and dark night, surrounded by truckers sleeping in their cabins, has a special charm.


  • Driving through a heavy storm and coming out of it with a full rainbow, is really awesome.


  • Or simply, lose your GPS rute because of works in the road and change your rute by little french villages… allow you discover amazing landscapes and places.


Trust me, little things like theses, made me happy, they make you get life.

At the end, i have be able to arrive to Slany. I wanted to live this experience like a volunteer at aborad, and I have it here. Now, I have to take advantage of this opportunity.

By the moment, in these two weeks, I think I am getting it. I am feeling very welcomed by my organisation (ICM Slany), my work partners (Julie, Sirin and Marketa) y by my flat partner and french volunteer (Delphine). All they are lovely, helping me in the tasks, and have patient with my comunication skills. I really want to help children and young pepole, and doing activities with normality.


I feel really very calm and comfortable. The flat is so cool, and the small town is pretty, with many cornes to discover, kind people to meet, restaurants or bars to visit…

Road and blanket,




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