Adéla se hlásí z Belfastu: May

02 Čvn Adéla se hlásí z Belfastu: May

Today is the 1st day of June but my whole day experience of being outside is saying sth different. Is it gonna be so cold and rainy whole summer season? :/

Last month at work was quite good, nothing serious happened so far, but apparently big change is coming. As you probably know, because of the financial cut, two of our bosses have to leave the organisation. Of course it is really sad, Willy and Ed are definitely people with passion for their work and during last three months learnt a lot from them. Now nobody knows how one person will be able to manage all the work instead of three people till now. Everything will be hectic and confusing even for us volunteers. Wanted to ask for personal project and more information about others possibilities, but decided to wait for few more months, when now the situation is so complicated anyway. Thru the work we got the chance to visit Balmoral show this month and also got short Lizzard survey training with Belfast Hill organisation.

My biggest highlight of May is the travel trip to Iceland; it was always my dream country to visit. And it was definitely worth it, was so impressed especially by the nature there. Have done two day trips to see volcanos, gejzirs, waterfalls and also hot springs. During the summer is there no dark during the night at all, did not have any feeling of tiredness or need to sleep, while I was there. People there are really friendly and love their dark sense of humour, which is even darker than the Irish one! Because of the separation from the European civilization still keeping their specific culture and of course the incredible sound of their language.

What I am looking forward now are the summer city festivals in Belfast. Especially after the Festival of Fools, which one was incredible amazing and worth it to visit, even the weather was typical Irish.

Adéla Štěpánková

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