Adéla se hlásí z Belfastu: March

02 Čvn Adéla se hlásí z Belfastu: March

Adéla je naše dobrovolnice, kterou jsme vyslali do Belfastu na EDS. Jak se tam má? To se dozvíte v jejích anglicky psaných reportech.

Ehm, first month in Belfast is over. Where is the best to start? So many things were happening last weeks, everything is new, my goal for first month was to get used to all the new things around me.

First of all, I fell in love with city of Belfast, love the life in city, culture, the amazing architecture and people in general are really nice and helpful. The traffic is not bad at all, still is for me a bit confusing from which side the car appears, but following the term „better safe than sorry“, so waiting till there is no car around to cross street.  There is only one thing I am starting to be really fed up with and its weather, so cold, windy and rainy! Finally understand why English people talk about weather every single minute; it is really annoying and exhausting. Today for example got soaked and then dry three times during just morning! Since I arrived I am constantly cold or sick a bit, because my body did not adapt to the weather yet. Hopefully it will get better soon.

With both of the training provided by Bryson Charitable group I am more than satisfied. Got all the information I need for my life in the Northern Ireland and much more. Especially the on-arrival training in Bushmills I enjoyed a lot. It was craic!:) And the Giants Causeway… it is amazing, what nature was able to create.

About my accommodation and housemates cannot complain at all either, even though we have always something to discuss, for example dishes and cleaning. But all of us trying our best to live together peacefully, I hope.

Since I arrived got a chance to participate on Young at Art festival, Baby Rave lasting few hours was not exactly what I expected from volunteering, but kids and parents enjoyed it the most and it is important. Also did some sightseeing last few weeks, City hall and galleries in Belfast are definitely worth it to visit. And of course could not miss to mention the Cave hill, Napoleons nose, exceeded my expectations, mostly because of the sunny weather that day, but anyway going to go there as often as I can, the view from there is mindblowing.

Work days for Ulster Wildlife organisation vary a lot. Sometimes it is really interesting, enjoyable day, and I have feeling that my work is important and necessary to be done that day in that specific nature reserve, but sometimes have feeling that just wasting my time, cause there is nothing to do. Everybody in organisation tells me that spring is kind of rest time of year, because winter and cutting trees is over and grass did not show up yet, so I hope it will change soon. I know it is only one month here since I came, but most likely will try to figure out some personal project soon, to keep my mind busy.  Nevertheless thanks to Ulster Wildlife have seen probably more of the country compare to other volunteers, coastline, hills, meadows and that is definitely worth it.


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