Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance

17 Úno Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance

Hi the world,

I usually write about my trips, experiences or problems I have here in France during my EVS but not today. Well, at least it´s not the article I normally write. It´s not sarcastic, it´s not ironic, it´s not for you to understand my life. It´s much serious and that´s also why I´m writing it in English. I want to share this with as many people as possible. I wanna share the injustice and cruelty of this world.

From the very beginning of this day I knew that something is terribly wrong. I´m not superstitious but when I heard a big black raven „singing“ it´s song…I´ve been terrified. Sometimes you just have the feeling and today were that day.

I forgot about the raven when I came to work, I haven´t broken anything, I haven´t insulted anyone…you know, just basic day. Basic day till my co-worker came to me with a tiny person behind her back. A little Chinese woman who could be 18 same likely to be 50, dressed to the woolen poncho with a little bag and bunch of posters scrolled in her hand. Her dark straight hair was shining with the same strong attitude like her eyes.

Hello…she told me that you can speak better English. There´s nobody speaking English in Paris.“ That was the first thing she said. I truly felt her and admired her. Without any French language skills it´s really hard to exist in France. Even in Paris.

She opened her bag and took out a little leaflet. In the moment she gave it to me I knew what´s going on, in the moment when I saw the yellow dress and colorful emblem in the corner of the small paper. Those were the words that crossed my mind:

„…Falun Gong – refugee – communism – injustice – murders – innocence – fear…“


Falun Gong/ Falun Dafa

Truthfulness, compassion, forbearance

Falun Gong is an advance spiritual combination of meditation, exercise and moral philosophy. It´s actually a self-cultivation practice introduced by Master Li Hongzhi in 1992. Falun Gong became popular very quickly but it also becomes an enemy number one for Chinese Communists in 1999. Nowadays, people are sentenced to the prisons or labor camps where they are beaten, brainwashed, starved, and tortured by electric shocks. Many more people have been targeted as unwilling donors of kidneys, livers and hearts. Why? Why there are reports of systematic torture, organ harvesting, forced labors and many more? Why there is this persecution?

Based on the philosophy of Falun Gong you might think it can be a part of Chinese system. The group’s point of view on subjects like sexuality are really conservative, something you would expect to go over very well in a country where there have been a one-child policy. For example, practitioner cannot smoke, drink, gamble, do drugs, have premarital sex, be homosexual, or kill living things.

The government has listed the Falun Gong as one of the groups whose members deploy religion „as a camouflage, deifying their leading members, recruiting and controlling their members and deceiving people by molding and spreading superstitious ideas, and endangering society,“ according to the Council of Foreign Relations. The government has it’s own propaganda against Falun Gong in schools, media and workplaces. It produced, among others, a videotape called „Falun Gong–Cult of Evil“ and a comic book titled „Li Hongzhi: The Man and His Evil Deeds.“


She is a refugee from China. She left her family after the communist regime killed two of her friends because they were practicing the Falun Gong/ Falun Dafa just like she is. Someone had stolen her last money and she can’t even contact her family in China because she would put them endangered. She tries to find a place to live in because without accommodation she cannot find a job or even attend free French courses. She seemed so calm and so ok with her situation even though she probably was not.

This strong young lady emigrated from China half a year ago. She somehow managed to get to Spain where she was held one month in custody till she received the right papers. She left to French countryside where she helped on farms for food and accommodation but you know…It was not the life for actual living, so she went to Paris to find a job and that’s how she happens to be here, sitting just across the table, eating a pancake, one of my co-workers did, and being as strong as no one I’ve met in my life.

We did our best to help her. I’m not gonna write how many calls we did and how many people we spoke with but we succeeded and that’s important. We found a place for her so she doesn’t have to go back to the countryside and she can hopefully start a better life.

Well, even thought Falun Gong is not the most democratic style of living (Democracy is actually on the list of the greatest evils, according to Li Hongzhi, because it goes against the will of heaven.) their practitioners do not kill or torture anyone. They do not deserve that behavior. Nobody deserves that.

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