Summer is just around the corner..

30 Kvě Summer is just around the corner..

Summer is just around the corner it’s finally warmer but Czech weather is soo unpredictable. It can be 25 degrees and sunny and after an hour stormy and windy and if you forgot your umbrella then you might have a problem.

My cousin is coming in 11 days and I’m so excited because she will be the first person from my friends and family I get to see after 5 months. We are like sisters and I missed her so much. We will stay in Czech Republic for 4 days and then we are visiting London. She is into art and museums and nightlife so I will make sure I take her to the right places. She’s been in Czech Republic before so she saw all the sightseeing she wanted to see so it would be more of a have fun visit here. In London we will visit Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition a Japanese artist. I love her work especially her mirror rooms with the lights i can’t wait to see her work and i will post photos from the exhibition next time and then we will go to Coldplay’s concert.

1234243_10151556565806786_1149372280_n        yayoi-kusama-infinity-room-world-arts-news_web_image

Last week we went to Slaný day where we took some photos and some videos and the action was quite nice. We also went to a school and we made a presentation about our countries the kids were well behaved so it went well.


I have been studying a lot lately and I can see that I’m now more confident to speak in Czech and i’m starting to understand some of the conversations taking place around me. The grammar and past tense are kind of easy because is similar to russian but still there are soo many rules and all these long letters á for example it could be namesti but nο is náměstí so a lot of times i will write “a” and not  á.. and that ř.. why just why? :p i believe by the end of my project i will be even more confident as long as I keep studying  and watching Bob a Bobek and Krtek 😀 Vstávat Vstávat!! Ale proč? Protože je ráno!

Time passes so fast sometimes i wish i could just stop it.. It’s already been 5 months.. I’m really happy here I missed my friends and family a lot but I would get to see them soon:)

Till next time! 🙂


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