A New Experience Pt. 2!

25 Led A New Experience Pt. 2!

Dobrý den! Today it’s a rainy day and is 4 °C which is quite good, last week it was like -16 but I really prefer it when it snows. Slowly, slowly I’m starting to get used to the cold but some days I feel like I have to wear almost all the clothes I brought with me at once. :p

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Tak.. Last week we went at the library. We met the kids there and it was so much fun. We tried to teach them the days in English and they would teach us the days in Czech and I have to say I can now say them without any  problem so it worked for me and I hoped it worked for them too. Then we made bracelets but it didn’t go as planned because I realized that the material we used once you put it on you had to cut it because it wouldn’t come off your hand otherwise :p so I now found the correct material and today we are going to make some more!

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We also joined the animal club once again I love animals so much and I realize how much I miss my dog. I became friends with a guinea pig soooo cute but who would have thought they had such tiny sharp nails.

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The past days I was working on the poster for the Greek Club which will start mid- February or March I will let you know for sure so if any of you will want to learn Greek you can join the Greek Club.

On Saturday we went to a carnival party for kids. The kids had so much fun, they were dancing, singing, playing games and we would make sure they were okay, we would give them candies and help them with the games when they needed help. A Carnival Festival takes place every year in Cyprus and it goes on for 10 days so when I dressed up as a gorilla I was so suprised!!  I know it sounds funny but I never thought I would wear a carnival costume here  🙂

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Till next time!! 😀

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