As time goes by..

24 Úno As time goes by..

Hello again:)

The weather is acting bipolar… again, one day is 12 degrees and the next day is 0 so I’m still trying to fight my cold with vitamins. I hope by the end of the week I will be better. Last week I booked my tickets to London, my cousin is coming here for 4 days and then we will go to London for Coldplay’s concert. It s one of the bands that we both really wanted to see live so we decided to go although we listen to different kind of music now Coldplay remain one of the bands that we want to see live. Last year we went to Sonar and Off Sonar festival in Barcelona where we had such a great time and we decided that every year we are going to go to a different festival in a different country

Last week I joined to the ceramics club and I had a great time, the kids were having so much fun and the activities there are awesome. Also the teacher is so nice, she helped me with everything i needed i can t wait for next time!

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We also went to our first Czech course but it wasn’t for beginners. The people in the group have been studying Czech for a few weeks now so they were able to speak using the cases, past tense and form dialogues. I was able to follow them and take part in the conversations due to the fact that i have been studying russian for the past two years and a lot of things when it comes to vocabulary and grammar are the same or similar. We were offered private lessons for beginning and now i have to decide if i want to start from the beginning or stay with this group and study by myself so that i can catch up with the rest of them.

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The Greek language club starts on Wednesday March 2nd so if you want to learn Greek join us!!

Till next time:)





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