The dead end street of VISA

03 Lis The dead end street of VISA

With cooler temperatures rolling in, saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall was a hard thing to do! Now all the leaves are changed into multi-colored works of art and falling away with cold winds… Fall has never been my favorite season, but here in Czech Republic almost it’s the best fall I’ve ever seen, despite of my bad mood due to my departure to Istanbul. Months ago I wrote about how the time passed so fast, obviously I couldn’t imagine the time that several days left to go back. The fact that I had got the idea that living in Prague for a couple years more, but I’m lost on the dead end street of VISA and working permit. Now I am just wondering where I am going to be on 10th of January 🙂

I was supposed to write an article about something doesn’t really matter… But now here I am.
Till the next time!

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