Saying goodbye is never easy

14 Pro Saying goodbye is never easy

Two years ago if someone had told me that one day I would live in Czech Republic, I definitely wouldn’t have believed them. Well, at least not the “rest of my life” part…

I have accumulated excellent memories by experiencing a beautiful culture and such a hard language for 11 months. Spending almost one year without saying “bored” was incredible, I really enjoyed every single second here. I had unique experiences as teaching my mother language, and working with bright and young people.

And there was a Darkside (regarding to new Star Wars movie 🙂 ) for sure. I can’t describe how made me feel desperate living away when getting some bad news from home… My little parrot passed away, I do not remember how many hours I have been talking to my mom on the phone and crying. And my lovely grandmother caught a cancer; and hopefully she feels better now. But offcourse there have been good things in there, and I am not going to lie, felt a little bit outsider and jealous 🙂 Event of the year was my sister’s wedding! I missed bunch of moments eventough I was with her during the ceremony. And for the first time in my life, I did not swim this summer. But that was definitely a side effect of living in a city with no coast!

As a journalist, expressing myself or telling stories was the easiest thing I could ever do. And I can say I am a very social person, but here things got changed by my poor English! Sometimes I became the quietest person in the place, which I secretly liked. Talking less, thinking more and as a result realizing my real thoughts has become part and parcel of my experience.

Unlike any other languages I can speak, Czech has quite different pronunciation and grammar. It was the most challenging factor I have been through. Before came here, I thought that I could learn more but basically I had to to focus on learning it.

I also decided to live here in the last 3 months, but it is hard to stay as a non-European citizen in Europe. I hope I can find a job as soon as possible and having a peaceful life on my own in the beautiful capital, Prague!

And very soon, my project is going to end… It was my last article to say goodbye you all.
I just bought my flight ticket back to Istanbul. If you are someone I met in a way, thank you! And I love you!


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