How the time passed

02 Bře How the time passed

I went for a little trip to Berlin last week. The city has amazing strories; the wartime history and the museums with their artifacts dating back thousands of years. Then there is the impressive modern vibrant, multicultural culture of art, music that influences from around the world, and definitely a great nightlife. I really liked the way that city was always alive.

Tomorrow my Turkish Club is going to come true. I was always into Turkish literature, and for my job I was preparing some special contents. But this will be my first experience about teaching. And for the first time I will try to speak my native language in front of the foreigners. Let’s see what will happen? 🙂

I have been a very curious person, and I always love to discover new things around me. The last technologies, strange short cut roads, newly released songs etc… And lately I searched about Slany and our building.

Do you know that?

DDM Ostrov Slany’s building was constructed at the corner of the Wilsonova Street according to the project of local architect Rudolf Štech in 1881. It used to be The Building of Local Credit Union. The frontage has been decorated with colour graffiti of allegorical figures of Economy and Thrift made by A. Hofbauer according to the sketch of a mural by Mikoláš Aleš.

What is going on in library?

With the kids in the library we have so much fun. Playing some games and trying to speak Czech & English is bringing us closer to each other. I really do not understand how the time passed in there.


*First picture taken in Eastside Gallery/Berlin Wall


Quote of the week

„The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.“ Albert Einstein

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