Dobrý den, z Turecka

19 Led Dobrý den, z Turecka

Herkese merhaba! It means „Hello everyone“ in Turkish. You’d better get used to Turkish. Cause sometimes when I talk with the friends in here, I just speak in Turkish. SORRY. But they can’t understand me at all, except Polina. 🙂

I have been in Czech Republic for 10 days as an EVS Volunteer. Actually when I have arrived to the airport, been through some difficult things. I travelled with my cat called Merlin, and I felt really happy to be able to bring him with me. But it didn’t work as I hope. He was in a cage for 10 days to security… But Kateřina, Širín and Zuzanka have been doing their best. All that matters to me, we are all fine right now and I will meet him soon!

Of course good things are happening, too. Let’s say I have started a new career with ICM. I get used to write some blogs and articles, also interviews for some magazines. I interviewed with the most famous people in Turkey and besides I have experince in marketing field. So believe me it was kind of an interesting change, but I’m very glad.

Czech Republic was exactly created for the photography. I would love to share with you some photos. Otherwise you can follow me on Instagram for sure. There are lots of artistic photos, also It has family, friends, holidays, and other stuffs through the eye. As long as I will be here continue to share some photos. Hope you like it!

Pretty far from our loved ones, Polina and I need your support. Don’t you ever forget to join ICM’s language clubs that we are going to lead. Looking forward to meet you.

Quote of the week

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.” Friedrich Nietzsche

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