The upcoming event

09 Pro The upcoming event

 Hi dear friends!

We have an upcoming event in January – Armenian Evening!

It will take place in ICM Slany on 17.01.2014, at 18.00. There will be many other events before this date at ICM Slany, which I will try to notify about. But this evening is especially importanat for me! To me it`s also one of the most important parts in EVS, a cultural exchange!

The thing is that people know very little about Armenia, not to talk about Armenian history and culture… and it`s natural. But I think it is something worth to know about, even for people not interested in history at all. I tried not to go to the details very much and made a presentation to fit the history of 4000 years in about half an hour (or a little more:)) 

I had my own survey of Armenian history of ancient times and used a few video materials for short review of history from Middle ages to our days.

The interesting part of the presentation is about sightseeings, typical art expressions, symbols of Armenia and traditional dishes… it is about what you should be interested in if you go to Armenia:) During the whole evening we will be listening to some Armenian national music in background.

Hopefully there will also be some surprises for partisipants! 

I`ll be waiting for you! 

P.S. If you read this, you are invited!)


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