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13 Bře very random stuff

On 24th of February was the workshop Life As We Know It. For this reason my video about Armenians was translated into Czech language (thanks to our Czech volunteers).

in 2 days, in the end of the February, I had a great Midterm training. The place, called Rožmberk nad Vltavou is an 800 years old town, which used to have more than 1200 inhabitants before WWI. Now it is a calm town surrounded by forests and The Vltava, having population of 100 people, a castle on the mountainside and former chapel with a bar inside!!! (the place we liked most of all:)) This is the view from my window!

Český Krumlov was very beautiful too…

Everyone was looking forward to meet, as all of us miss each other. Later we remembered our On arrival meeting, watching my film. The Training was useful and motivating. I had my workshop there, as I wrote here before. 

We had a task to make any kind of output that can be useful for other EVS volunteers, so my team decided to shoot a video-guide for them. We had a wonderful time then and a great team-work! here is the result!))

So after coming back from this beautiful trip, at last I had time to make a promotional video for the Slany town library, where I work once a week! Here it is!

Last weekend I was kindly invited to one Youth Exchange program in Ochoz u Brna, at Kaprálův Mlýn ecological centre. The impressions are indescribable… amazing place, handsome young people, wonderful project, new friends, lot of fun and knowledge…

I took part in one of the group activities. The goal was to create and develop a new idea, business project, making a web page and a promotional video for that. So the idea of our little group was to establish an NGO „Job It Up“, which can help people more intensively and easily get involved in social life and activities, volunteering possibilities and non profit sector in general – being a connection between people and working NGOs. Heres a photo of our presentation in „Cafe Paradigma“, Brno.

In a few more days I had the “Life As We Know It“ workshop in Kladno.

Here is also the link for my presentation

That was my last activity and now we work on our own Youth Exchange project, which should probably take place this Summer in Czech Republic.

Take care! See you!

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