New Year, new stuff !!!

08 Led New Year, new stuff !!!

Dear friends!

I Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year holidays! My best wishes to everyone with this little funny video 🙂

There is still a little time before my event of Armenian evening, so untill it takes place and you have a video of that, I want to share with you my plans of nearest weeks.

The Armenian event took from me a lot of energy and efforts (and still it takes…), maybe that’s why I had an idea of another workshop, not of less importance…

„You can be everything“, that will be the name for the workshop! To be short, it will be about the unlimited facilities of human brain. But the meaning and conclusion for every participant will be different, depends on personality… 

Unfortunately I lost all my materials about that, accidently overwriting it with another file in the computer, so I hope I will find some extra-will power to start it again and to have the workshop! Later will be more about that…

In the photography hobby club (one of those I attend in our organization), children had to shoot candles and electric lights in the dark room. I was among them but unfortunately without the photocamera (this was the first reason of great pity), so I improvised with my amateur handycam. and the video you can see below is what came out from that experiment!

See you soon with other news!

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