cultural week

28 Dub cultural week

It is a beautiful spring day outside, full of fresh air after the rain. So I can hardly make me sit in the room to write some news:)

One of the best weekends for me was riding bicycle with some friends around Slany. The best paths for mount mount-cycling and the most beautiful places.

My Move Makers‘ group was a good idea, but it couldn’t find sufficient interested people, pity for them:)

On 22nd of April DDM Ostrov were celebrating The Earth Day on Slany square. I enjoyed the event and people ther, though got a sunbath in the evening. Anyway I made a video, here it is! 

Another interesting thing for me was my participation in one of the theatre performances of Divadlo „Idiot“. I went to several rehearsals and to the premiere. For the first time I experienced work with these kind of materials while editiong the stuff I shoot! The promo of that beautiful play below!

Right now I work on a workshop for high schools which aims to inform young people about wide possibilities of EVS volunteering, give some info about Erasmus+ programm, also present the different actions and services that ICM Slany organizes and provides. I will talk about Armenia and share my own experience as an EVS volunteer in Czech Republic.

Yesterday an impressive concert took a place as a part of our Literature fest events. A little music of that beautiful duet- Tara Fuki!


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