the beginning of autumn

01 Zář the beginning of autumn

… and where should I start from? 🙂

Well, from 16th to 27th of July ICM Slany has a youth exchange programm near Liberec, the 5th biggest city of Czech Republic! More details about the exchange you can find in Cristina’s blog, I’ll just present you the output video which I shot and made! A thing I can tell about this, is that I worked pretty hard for making pictures and videos during those 10 day (along with participating and leading some workshops) and even harder for cutting them into a documentary. And this makes me feel allright! 🙂

In the beggining of the month I went to a Brutal Assault Metal Festival. You may not imagine what does it mean for you, but that was something!

After, one of my EVS friends informed me about the EVS film festival, that is organized for the second time by Erasmus+ program. After thinking over that for a while, I came with an idea, which became a short film! Here you go! Vote for it if you like!:)

The month was more or less free. After I finished with videos, my Armenian friend visited me from France, where he does an EVS project as well! We had couple of free days, so decided to hitchhike somewhere with a tent! Then we refused from the idea of hitchhiking (considering bad experience both of us had) and went to Karlovy Vary!

It is a beautiful little city surrounded with forests and hills, but also with strange and relief streets, with no connections to each other… So we get very tired walking, and really cold at night… Sure there was a lot of fun, just an advise for adventurous people! At least take a knife when travelling! 🙂

As my voluntary service is going to finish soon, another plan is to make a vide about my EVS, as an output of this year, so I started to think over that, this is where everything starts from!

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