Welcome post!

03 Říj Welcome post!

Hi people! I’m Gian Nicola Marras, but is most simple directly call me Gianni!  I’m a volunteer from Sardinia. I work at ICM Slany, youth information centre.  I came to Czech Republic two days ago, and this is my first post in the site. It’s so difficult to move from the climate of my country in this colder climate , but the team ICM known these days has created an environment that made ​​me feel immediately at ease with a great dinner with lots of food Czechs.

The ladybug in the photos is my first roommate. Was there when I arrived, andI think it’s a good sign for me!



I am very pleased with the early days of this experience, I believe that the space of the association is very hospitable, and the idea of ​​a personal blog on the site is the optimal right way to communicate and promote a constant flow of information about the activities of the ICM team.

During this experience in ICM EVS Slany , tackle different subjects and topics. On October 7th I leave for my on-arrival course, after this training I will organize a good workshop presentation of Sardinian culture and Italian culture in general. I hope you enjoy my blog and any virtual or real suggestion is very welcome!


If you like Italian food , talk to me, it will not be a problem for me to prepare the original spaghetti ! But I will not bore you with the stereotypes, J  you will see that we will have fun together !

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