The autumn and the birth of the nation

04 Lis The autumn and the birth of the nation

These weeks have been particularly intense, perhaps because I started my first studies of the Czech language, but in any case I’ve been the opportunity to visit other cities in this wonderful country. So much time and so many reflections (mature especially on long trips by bus), immediately noted on the copybook, and without the help of any social networks, huge source of distraction.

I think is very wise and important, especially during the EVS experience, reappropriate of their time, living intensely the travel and the discovery of ever new city and new people. This is something that remains in the mind and put yourself in the condition to take a pen and paper in a single flow of ideas that emerge from the images of the experience of everyday life.

This is therefore a difficult and tortuous, but not devoid of different motivation, because this country are involved in a good period of enthusiasm and engagement in work. Maybe it’s just the first impression of a volunteer who has lived here only a few months, but I’m lucky to have happened in this country at this time of year, full of important historical anniversaries for the Czech Republic.

That on October 28 is an important date because it it’s regard the birth of the nation of Czechoslovakia at the end of the First World WarI in 1918. It’s national holiday, and most of the central squares of every town and village in the Czech Republic remember the name of  Tomáš  Masaryk a name that seals the eternal memory to the birth of the country.

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