The grieving France

07 Led The grieving France


01/07/2015 – Bad day for France today

This morning, a massacre happend at Charlie Hebdo‚s office. Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical weekly newspaper, featuring cartoons, reports, polemics and jokes. Everybody loves Charlie. More than 10 persons were killed, journalists, drawers, policemen.. Some of those victims were really famous. 

I don’t really know what I can say about that. I am shocked, sad, angry. I just want to cry, to shout.

France is grieving, and I am too

Maybe I can try to write more about it nexts days, but today, I feel really bad. What happened is a tragedie, it is really dramatic. 




01/08/2015  Liberty co to je? 

Today, I feel that I can speak more about it, even if my mood is not the perfect one. What happened yesterday in France, this -fkng- terrorist attempt is more and worse than just people killed. Some people tried to kill the France, tried to kill our values, our rights. ‚Liberty, equality, fraternity‘ That is one of the symbols of France. And Charlie Hebdo IS (and not WAS) one of the symbols of Liberty, expression Liberty, which is for me, really important. Yesterday, people tried to kill that. But what they didnt expect is that they tried to kill Charlie, but they have made it immortal. And we gonna fight against those -fckng- people, those -fckng- terrorists and fore sure, FOR LIBERTY.

And for sure number 2, BIG BIG BIG thoughts for victim’s families, friends, journalists, french people, and for Mathieu Madenian. 




(picture of alll the people on Republic’s place, at Paris, on the 7th)



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