When I arrived in Czech Republic for my EVS, I had to participate in an on-arrival training. It is a kind of seminary for the volunteers.

Let’s talk about this FANTASTICAL week.

I spent my week in a city called Litomysl (more or less 4 hours by bus from Slany). Litomysl is a little city with a beautiful castle, a forest, a cemetery, a dragon, a princess and spirits. As you can read, I had a lot of fun during this week! *joooooke*. I’m gonna explain. We did (and sorry for the vocabulary, but I can’t find a better word to describe) crappy activities, activities for child too. For example, we had to count in english (but only until 20) during maybe 30-40 minutes, we had to say AHOJ/NA SHLEDANOU to the other volunteers during 30-40 minutes… COME ON! Ok, I am not really old but I am not 5 years old. But that is not finished! One day, we went for a walk and we had to cross Limomysl’s cemetery. It was like ‚Once you cross the threshold, be quiet and try to think of who you really are inside of you, of your brain‘ and so on…… DOUBLE-COME ON! That’s not all number 2 ! After this really ‚walk‘ we did a game. We had to deliver the princess from the dragon (I can put a TRIPLE-COME ON but I will just say that NO COMMENT).

You know, maybe those activities can be cool for some people but not for me, I am not the kind of person who believe in the interior spirit and so on… So I didn’nt have fun during this week.

But there is a positiv point. PEOPLE I MET!

Because yes, for sure, I was not alone during this week, we were 25 volunteers. I met Italian, Spanish, French, Polish (and I forgot the rest.. I am a red fish sometimes) people. And FORTUNATELY most of them had the same point of view about the ‚activities‘.

Best moment I had during this week? At night, FOR SUREEEEE ! Can you imagine people with the same (bad) point of view about something, around beers, and laugh, laugh and laugh again… And in fact, those moments were cooler because we discovered the city of Litomysl, its pubs, night clubs, and its people, what is important too.


Even if you have a shitty week and you feel alone or just uncomfortable because you don’t like what you are doing and maybe you are scared to speak with foreigners, or to explain your point of view, just open your eyes and your mouth, speak, explain, laugh and live.


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