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The title speak about himself…

I arrived one month ago and after my fantastical on-arrival training, I had 2 weeks of czech lessons (intensive begginers). Well, what can I say…


… OK, CZECH LANGUAGE IS THE MOST DIFFICULT LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD! First it sounds like chinese, sometimes, and then, HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO PRONOUNCE THIS : ř  ?? come on…

In my classroom I was with 1 bulgarian girl, 1 brazilian boy and 3 iranian boys, and for sure, a czech teacher! We learn a lot of things, from basic and really usefull sentences (as the title!) to numbers, via conjugation of verbs. How can I say… I was the worst student in czech (AH AH AH AH. No funny, shame on me). But you know, the teacher was really great, and it is really important! She helped us a lot (ok, she helped me, a lot..) and we did funny games (not like during my on-arrival training, ahahahah I am a traumatized girl) to understand better.

And you know, even if I did well my homeworks, and learned after the lessons, it was really difficult. And now I am a quite lost between czech, english and spanish (yes because, I don’t know why but during my czech lesson when I wanted to ask something because I didn’t understood, I said it in spanish. Why? I absolutly don’t know.. Strange things happens sometimes…).

And you know whaaaaat? My teacher and the students told me that I have a good czech accent when I read in czech! +1 point for me!

But whatever, new year is coming and one of my resolutions is this one : I will learn harder and harder czech to be really good at it. And YOU, you who is reading this, we will do something. If at the end of my EVS (and if you remember that!) I can’t have a conversation with you in czech, you can give me a pledge. What you want! (don’t be too much cruel if I can’t, please….)
. That’s it!


If you don’t try, you can’t be better.

Even if you think that you are the worst person in the world in a field, ask, try, and you will see that you are good and you can do it.

It is when you make some mistakes that you are progressing.




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