Ljupcho´s first blog!

30 Čvc Ljupcho´s first blog!

Its been spring and weekend in my hometown Bitola in Macedonia, Im not working and I fell uselles and lazy because I have 24 years and I like to find something that I will gonna like and I gonna do with my heart. So I make my coffee light up my ciggarete and go to facebook page for Erasmus projects and start scrolling and try to find something interesting and I find this project ‘’Path to authenticity’’ and I read it info kit and I say its perfect opportunity to change something and start something new. And yes I send my CV and motivation letter to the email, and after some days I receive email of coordinator of the project and they like to have online meeting to see me and ask me about things why I applied for this project. And yeah we have meeting and I see the volounteer from France, the boss and the coordinator of the project they are really kind and great and after the conversation we have, they say me that they gonna contact me if they choose me. After 4 hours I go to coffee with my friends and I receive message from coordinator and she say that im choosen from the project and I was so happy and I never gonna forget this day. So I contact my sending organization and they also very happy and all april I do a paper preparation, prepare documents and apply for visa. I have interview for visa that day I know I was very nervous and preparing a speak…HAHAHA but when I go the embassy its totally differend the men there makes me to feel so comfortable without stagefright and everything I was afraid its happened so well and good and they say me about two weeks the visa will be ready and they gonna contact me. So everyday I wake up with wish that visa is ready and I can have it and go as soon as possible to Czech Republic and meet all them in person. And one week is over I still check the visa if is ready, but no… And still same in two weeks its writing (in process) and I have from home from Macedonia online on-arrival training. And I wish that my birthday I gonna celebrate with new people In Czech, but yeah the visa is still in process and I celebrate at home with my friends. I was waiting my visa maybe more than one month and after they finally call me and told me that is ready and next day I go and take it and I was so happy, same day I buy flight ticket and I was physically and mentally prepared to fligh to Czech Republic.

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