Broke but happy

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It’s been a long time since I wrote something for ICM. My apology. Let’s say I’ve got a lot to do. A lot to think…Well, I still have but I’m trying to overcome that. You know, it’s really nice to spend time abroad but the time for thinking about your future will come. And here we go. Time to think about my future is here. Time to send some applications for universities or … whatever.

Being EVS gives you a lot. It definitely gives you a lot of experiences, friends and time to choose your future. It would be easier if you’ll be able to use that time to make a decision instead of hoping it will figure it out by itself. So here I am. Searching for my future…studies, job, apartment. Not easy, my dears.

But let’s talk about something more interesting. Travelling! Whilst you’ve been pigging out by potato salad and Christmas treats (Hate you for that by the way.) I’ve been travelling a bit. Me and my EVS friend from Bosnia, currently living in Caen, we’ve taken a bus to the south…precisely Marseille. The city with steep streets up to the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, an old port and old town quarter called Le Panier. While hiking up to the basilique you can enjoy the atmosphere of seaside town and typical “manana” style with a lot of dirt and trash on the streets. Marseille is not the safest place to be in the evening but the view from the Notre-Dame on the Mediterranean Coast is worth a bit of danger.


Totally different is Avignon. The historic city center is closed between old walls and so the old artistic atmosphere is too. You’re searching for absurd place to put the character of your next Kafka’s novel? You don’t have to search anymore. Avignon with it’s old narrow streets, medieval castle and famous half bridge is that place where all the creepy absurd things could happen.


Montpellier? What to say about this city? Not my cup of tea. Maybe it was just because of the cloudy sky or commercial Christmas spirit which I deeply detest. Maybe I just had high expectations because so many people had told me how amazing the city is…maybe it’s just the palm tree next to the Christmas tree.

Let’s talk about Bordeaux. Not about the famous vine of course but about this pretty cool city. We arrived on the train station in the middle of the night and we hadn’t so much time to catch the last tram to the place where our Couchsurfer Ali lives. So we were forced to walk really quickly; actually it was not only the lack of time that forced us to rush. The easiest way to go to the tramway went through the street full of sexshops and sexclubs. Not so pleasant place to be in the middle of the night. So the first impression was not that good but the morning after was totally different story. And trust me; it was not only because of the really kind guy who showed us the city…again, maybe.



Bordeaux is like a small Paris but with better wheatear and nicer habitants. If I could choose where to live in France, I would live in Bordeaux and that’s for sure. You know, Paris is really nice, artistic, historic, really famous but it has one huge problem that is impossible to overcome for me …Paris is a capital. And like in every capital city, also in Paris people are always in a hurry, always clumsy and moody…and it rains a lot too.

So, I hope it was not boring to read this. I’m going to send few applications and check my bank account to be sure I’m as broke as I think.

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