Spanish Evening

08 Led Spanish Evening

   It has been two months and a half now, but I still remember my first project at ICM.  It was the Spanish Evening –hard to guess with the title of the post-.

   It took place the 23th of October and I started to work on it only two weeks before –hello, procrastination-. I created the poster –applause and a big thanks to google images, please- and I tried to make a presentation with Prezi for my first time ever –super easy, no doubt-.

   The preparation it was a little bit crazy for me. The hardest work for me was when I had to handle the preparation of the project with the Czech course in Prague. So. Bus, Prague, bus again, ICM, home. I was tired, I have to say. And it was really funny when I went to a Spanish shop in Prague to buy some products I couldn’t find anywhere else and I got lost. Big surprise.

   But the day D arrived faster than I thought –in my mind, of course, you know about the relativity and Einstein and all that stuff, right?-. Two days before I finish my presentation with Prezi –don’t freak out, everything was under control- and the previous one I cooked some Spanish desserts. But the big day I had to cook too. And it was crazy. It happens when you need three pans and you only get one or when you realize that Czech people have different routines than the Spanish ones when they cook and because of that you feel lost in a kitchen –also the fact that is not YOUR kitchen, wherever country you are living in-. Also with other contingencies, I was freaking out, my clothes stained with LOTS OF olive oil –yes, of course, no sunflower oil to cook Spanish dishes!-. But thanks to people I could manage the day. They do deserve a huge thanks actually 🙂

   So the Spanish Evening started and everybody was there. I mean, not everybody, but everybody who came. Now. Ok. So. Let’s start with the Spanish flag and the no-lyrics-at-all anthem. Yes. That’s right. We don’t have lyrics. Good for me not being a football player looking at some point of nowhere with lost eyes and the hand on the breast pretending I am touched by the music.

   And after that, the presentation was ongoing. I mean, barely ongoing. Of course it was everything under control with Prezi, as I said, but the fact was that it wasn’t. The videos weren’t working properly –I mean, not working at all- and the presentation was kind of a mess. But well, I think people kind of enjoyed it. I think. I hope so. I am not sure, actually, but at least I could make them laugh sometimes –and that’s a good thing, I know -. So finally we could handle it –it was a team work in fact- even though I was dirty after cooking and exhausting after the whole week working really hard –even if nobody could see that because of the poor results-.

   When the presentation was finished, we went to eat. Actually, I think it was the part people was looking forward the most.  And the good thing was that people really enjoyed the Spanish dishes, what made me really happy and thinking that it was worth all the effort I put on it.

   But before eating, Míša and Iveta gave me a surprise with some presents because my birthday was the next day, on October 24th. And I got a Spanish-Czech-Spanish dictionary –good- and Czech bomboni – more good- among other things –I didn’t forgot all the lovely gifts, girls, I promise 😛 -. And then everybody was giving me kisses wishing me all the best. Všechno nejlepší.  After almost four months here I could learn that in Czech. But not that day. Everything sounded like… well, Czech 😉 I was overwhelmed I have to say. And happy that the presentation ended too… I was free!

   Everybody was eating, and laughing and we couldn’t listen to some Spanish playlist I created due to MORE contingencies –I don’t know how it could be such a lovely evening with all those technical problems…-, but after all, I still can remember the memories of that day, because it was just great. Thanks to all who came. The unknown people, the woman who talked with me because she was really touched about the presentation because she was living in the south of Spain twenty years ago… Friends. Děkuju moc 🙂

PS: Thanks to Levon for making the video 🙂


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