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31 Led Sneak Peek

   After a long time without writing a word, finally I’m here. I’ve been struggling with the editing video program to make the documentary about the exchange „Back To Roots For Common Future“. I had to learn pretty damn quickly how to use it and I screwed it up more times than I wanted during the process. But. I can give you now a sneak peek of my work. Hopefully I will finish the whole thing in a few days, and there will be a premiére (call it what you want, -as the song goes-) on Friday 21st at ICM for all the Czech participants, their families and for all those who want to come. Soon I will give you more details about this, but just keep the date and write it down in your agendas.

   For those who might be interested, I have to say that I am exhausted and bored. I’ve been (I am still) in a rush to make the movie, and that’s a huge mistake. At least for me. Every day doing the same thing and learning as fast as I could about a program I didn’t know anything about before… It’s not for me. I need to plan better from now on. I need more stimuli and doing different things, otherwise I withered. But somehow it’s ok, because so much work is hiding my lack of social life so I don’t have time to feel the loneliness. Not very often at least. Another good thing is that I will be able to fill something the moment I start with my Youthpass.

   And without further delay, below this last line I put the sneak peak. Don’t expect that much either, I am an amateur 🙂

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