Six months here

24 Bře Six months here

   Last Saturday  I just reached my sixth month of my volunteering service. And how fast. And when time goes by so fast is because you’re enjoying it. Enjoying doesn’t mean perfection, but it’s close to it.

   Before arriving here I had some hopes. For better or worse. I tried to be realistic even though. When I arrived here, some of them changed, but most of them exceed my expectations in the best way possible. I had fears too, and they were satisfied as well. A little bit of sense of humour here, please.

   I realised I wasn’t prepared well enough for some of the things that I lived here, as well as the lack of information and training before arriving here. At the same time (it’s supossed I shouldn’t say this), I’m proud of myself. I could use all my inner resources and I developed new ones. I’ve done my best.

   My objectives regarding my EVS have changed from the very beginning. I haven’t accomplished most of them either, but new ones came along and I got them. The language barrier is a wall with less bricks on it (not enough gone yet, but krok za krokem). And despite I’m having a really good time here, the cultural shock slapped me just on the face. Now I’m recovering my motivation. And this time is a better one. That happens when you go through a hard way of insight and self-awareness.

   Now I’m full of new expectations. They have new shades and tones and I will create the best dress to wear with them. It’s the final countdown (ninonino). And at least, it will be as good as the first half.

There was a sign on the door and it reads to me just like the sun and the moon and the stars at night

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