05 Úno Premiéra

   Finally (maybe I should write the word in capital letters) I finished the documentary about the exchange that took place in Slaný in September. I won’t win any Oscar, but I did my best. And now, pay attention. There will be a première at ICM Slaný, Friday, 21st of February at 19:00 h. All Czech participants are invited and their families as well (the documentary will be in English). Of course we will be glad to have here too all those people who want to know what kind of things are done during and international exchange and thoughts, impressions and feelings of some of the people involved in it. So, don’t hesitate and come!

   Regarding the Swedish people who might be interested: I will upload the video to Youtube and it will be available at the same date and time as for the Czech people.

   And for now, that’s all. I’m feeling kind of empty after the whole month working on it… And to redone it in few days because… let’s say contingencies. Now I have to look for new objectives and projects, somehow I’m loosing my motivation and enthusiasm and I have to find the way to get them back…

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