Journal: FHWK. Episode III.

17 Čvc Journal: FHWK. Episode III.

   I know I´m late and this post should have been written yesterday. But yesterday was pretty busy day. Since the early morning we had to be ready to travel from Slaný to Prague, and then waiting two hours or so in the bus station in Černý Most, and the another bus to Liberec. But that´s not all. Afterwards we had to take another train to the place of the accomodation which name is unpronounceable because it has that damn Czech ř. Ř. Ř. Ř. Ř. Basta.

   One of the funniest things about yesterday was when we got lost finding our place, and the best thing we could do was taking a selfie like saying: OH, NO, WE ARE LOST AND WE ARE GONNA DIE. Also it was pretty interesting for me (or at least for my self-steem) when I, among all the Czech people, had to stop a car and ask for the right way to arrive to the ekocentrum we are living in. And in Czech. I´m starting to be a superheroe for sure 😀

   I didn´t have much time to explore the place after we arrived because a little time after that I had to go again to Liberec with Míša and Iveta to pick the Spanish group up. Surprisingly, in the best way possible, they were fresher than us. Actually they were telling us that we looked really tired despite they were travelling for 24 hours, and we only for a few. Since then they have been really nice, really collaborative people, and really understanding.

 After some short games that ended up being really funny, we went for some pivo and also had some work. At least that is how it works for organizers, preparing all the stuff for the next day. But for sure we enjoyed as well. The way back to our place was really, really interesting with no light at all, lots of mud on the ground and some people nearby who looked like serial killers. But we survived I am glad to say. 

   To celebrate life we were later on the porche, Iveta, Míša and me. Drinking wine, talking and learning new bad words in Spanish and Czech. Oh, life.

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