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09 Pro Czech Course

   I had an intensive Czech language course during two weeks in October. It took place in Prague so I had to go and come back from Slaný every day, what made me feel so tired most of the days.

   But apart from that, it worthed very much. Ok, at the beggining I didn’t understand a thing. It seemed I wasn’t learning anything, I couldn’t remember what we studied the previous day… And I was kind of getting crazy and frustrated at a time. I wasn’t studying at home anyway, to be honest. I was preparing the Spanish evening (I will write about that in the next post) so after the course, I was preparing it at ICM.

   However, by the last day of the first week, I was starting to remember some things. Some verbs and conjugations, some random vocabulary… The fact was that even if I wasn’t studying at home, I was using Czech every day at least during 3 hours every day. So yes, by the end of the second week I was feeling happy because I was learning more that I thought at the beggining.

   The thing is… I must keep studying Czech, because I almost forget everything by now. I am such a lazy girl. But I will change that. Soon. I hope. Maybe. Did I say anything?

                                 Yes, this is an obvious metaphor about my situation regarding Czech.

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