Journal: FHWK. Episode II: Attack of the Clothes

15 Čvc Journal: FHWK. Episode II: Attack of the Clothes

   One day left and yesterday´s meeting was good. All participants and organizers could meet and we had a nice time. No parties, despite it was Patrick´s b-day, one of the participants 🙂 So, we arranged all the practical stuff and now I´m kind of busy but so lazy about all the stuff I have to do but I´m not in the mood to do.

   I´m really curious about what it is to be an organizer, if I will have time to enjoy and not only to freak out. I´m aware enough of myself to know that I will be all neurotic puffing and blowing everytime something doesn´t go the way I want to.  I will keep you informed about my public shame in next posts 😀

    Another thing that is important: How do you prepare a luggage for ten days being practical? It´s hard, my friends. I don´t know how I´ll end up doing it, neither how the others will. Today is an adventure day, choosing all the clothes, all talking to you „please, take me with you, don´t leave me here alone!“, and then your heart starts melting, because they are so cute they don´t want to live apart from you. But another dress starts screaming „don´t you dare to leave me here or you won´t fit into me again, bitch!“. And then you are scare of the attack of the clothes, they seem like zombies wanting to eat your brain or something and then you collapse.

  Hopefully I will survive. I don´t know my partners . Hope to give you some good news tomorrow!

September… I can´t believe you don´t know this song 😀 Let´s dance!!



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