This is the end…

10 Bře This is the end…

Here we are : in March 2021 I’ve started, in March 2022 I’m finishing this volunteering project !

Languages‘ club, summer camps, workshops in schools, tiltok videos (yup! 😉 ), French evenings…a diversity of tasks, colleagues and publics that I’ve enjoyed fully. I’ve learned a lot during this year and I’m sure these new knowledges will be useful for both my personal and my professionnal life.

So, what are my plans for the future ? For now I’ll stay in Czech Republic for at least a few more weeks, try to find a job in culture and art’s field (my first and forever love) and see where the wind takes me 🙂

But one sure thing is that I’m gonna remember this experience and miss my students very much ! ❤️

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