The Czech children

10 Srp The Czech children


Here I am, again with you, to tell my Czech Histories and to share my feelings with you, dear friends, this week I was thinking about to write something about nature or Spain, but something happened to me this weekend, and I changed my mind.

So because of that, this time Iam gonna talk about a small creature, weird and funny at the same, sometimes unpredictable, others crazy… I am speaking about children, more specifically, Czech Children…

Well… August 3rd, I woke up with my tired face to cook something, we were going to a summer camp and I needed food for three days, once I cooked everything, I take my sleeping bag and went to the bus station, I didn´t expect what was going to live.

Once I met that kids, once i shared my thoughts with them, once I know how interested they were about my country, I realized that we are more similar than I believed, some of them just wanted to be near to me, other they wanted to talk with me (even in czech language… but with one view we knew what we were talking about), but everybody wanted to play with me, I tried to do my best and we finished with the best part… the interview!!

What a questions!!!!! I answered with all my desire, and all of them were starring at me like curious students look at a good teacher, one of the questions was if I have a girlfriend, that question was formulated by a 8 years old girl, I didn´t expect that question, and even less from a girl of that age, but I answered sincerily and I said yes, I have, I hope it wasn´t a dissapointment to her…

well, that weekend was great, I met new people, I have 45 new friends in the Czech republic, and I have to thank the ICM and the organization of the summer camp to give me the chance to meet that amazing small creatures, weird and funny at the same, sometimes unpredictable, others crazy… the Czech children…


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