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My Arrival Training, Winter 2017

During your life, there will be a time when you just want to take a break from the real stuff, a time when you want a new challenge, another time when you need to experience a new field or you just want to have an adventure, whatever the case, on my Arrival Training there were 25 individuals that had at least one of the reasons above to come to Czech Republic and spend at least 3 months and volunteer in an organization and leave their other life back home.

Whatever the reason, whatever the country they came from, I did not care, all I cared about is to get to know every and each one of them personally, share 4 days of training, partying, discussing, laughing, learning and learning something new about each other and about Czechia.

While on a mission of being close friends with these special people, there were 3 trainers from Czechia that were hundred steps ahead of us when it comes to Czechia, to EVS and to life itself. We were there with glowing eyes listening to them as they shared their experience, their knowledge and their life with us so we can have the best time we can while volunteering. They were not just 3 trainers from Czechia, oh no! They were Edita, Carolina, Honza and of course Boby (the cutest dog to be among us)! I never felt they were just trainers, I felt they were there like Santa Claus, giving their knowledge to us like gifts, always with a smile on their face while leaving their personal life behind, can you imagine that Edita was around 6 months pregnant while training us? It’s true, we will have a baby crawling around in our Med Term Training in March which you cannot imagine how excited I am for it!

I can write a book about my Arrival Training in Ostravice but I will sum it up by saying that I will be spending my New Year’s Eve with them though some are going back to their home country to spend it with their families but I am sure we will be together, one way or another!

Written by: Nshteh Mouradian

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