Irene’s first experiences in Czechia

23 Lis Irene’s first experiences in Czechia

Hi everybody my name is Irene and I’m Italian so if you would enjoy a good coffee or marvelous pizza you are welcome at ICM Slany! I’m 19 years old and I’ve just arrived here in Slany: why? Are you probably asking yourself.. well I have decided to do an EVS project after months of reflection: I was going to start my university course in oriental language when I realized that I wouldn’t want to stay in the same place, with the same people to study something that I didn’t really care. I needed a real change: I wanted to know a new language, new people and to get in contact with a different


As I said before I’m 19 and I hold a degree at high school (classical studies like Italian, English, Greek and Latin literature, philosophy, history, but also math physics and science) in June. I like dancing and singing, infact I attended for five years a drama course of contemporary theatre. I like doing trips in the nature and visiting new cities because this satisfies my curiosity.

I came in Prague for the first time two years ago for a small holiday and I fell in love with this beautiful city. I’ve decided to come in Czech Republic because it’s a country of which I know nothing but that seemed to me very beautiful. One of my biggest desire is to discover a culture different from mine and to live it in its natural place, so here I am.

I also would like to test myself and my social skills and doing so I’d like to help the community that is hosting me. Anyway the first thing that I have noticed just arrived in Slany is the kindness of the drivers: every car stop in order to let the walkers pass; I have to say that in Italy we are not so kind. Is a small town but I like it, it remind me Stars Hollow (from the Gilmore Girls’ TV series) where everybody seems to know each other and help each other.

It’s the first experience alone and abroad so this year will be a good challange for me. I will test myself and my abilities at work but also in everyday life in a different country

During this EVS I hope to travel a lot in the Czech Republic and to discover new places to visit, I would like to learn this language that is so different from mine and that it sounds to me like a fairytale language. I want to taste the famous Czech beer and all the typical food and to learn more about this part of Europe that I know very little about. I also hope to improve my skills and to understand what really interests me and what I’m good at in order to understand what I want to do as job.

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