I woke up in a strange place july 1st, I got up and started to recognize every thing that surrounded me…

„Yes, I´m in Slany“, I said to myself, almost I couldn´t believe where I was, this is the heavier step I have ever made. Scared? not really, It´s more a weird sensation that I didn´t know why I was here…

But after a few minutes I remembered why I was in Slany, why I had to do what I did, why I came here (looking for an experience) and why I wanted to come especially to Slany.

Let´s start from the beggining, I´m Diego,  a spanish boy, more specifically from Ávila, a city in the middle of Spain, with one of the most impressive walls of the world, high like the sky and stronger than time, I travelled around some places of my country and I really love it, in each trip I discovered new awesome people, new awesome dishes and new amazing landscapes, and one day I said to myself: „Why don´t share it with the rest of the world?“ people must know what we have in Spain to offer them!!

And that´s why I am here, because my debt with my country obligates me to show all of you how Spain really is, further the bullfighting what most of the people in spain hate and the football.

And the ICM gave me the opportunity to do it, they looked for an Europeen Volunteer (EVS) to show it, they chose me to do it, and here I am, to bring everybody who wish discover more about Spain and its culture.

It´s very hard to know how to do it, because Spain is plenty of different cultures and languages, each one of them has its own food, its own music, even its own weather…

But I accepted the challenge, leaving everything behind and coming here to bring the opportunity to the Slany youngsters know more about me and my country, don´t worry, I will assure myself to make it as funny as possible, because you deserve it and for the bored ones ??? it´s already the high school or the University… And in return I want to learn the czech language, improve my level of english and meet all of you, Deal?


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