Don’t worry grandma!

25 Led Don’t worry grandma!

Whenever I call my grandmother on the phone, she cries and asks “Where have you been?” or “Why don’t you call me?” She always misses and worries about me. She is sensitive and can’t help it! Now there is a new one: “Why did you go to CZ anyway?”

So, why I am here?

I am a volunteer who is an almost 28 year old woman. Here I am hundreds of kilometers away from home and out of my comfort zone. Everything in another language, I am dealing with a different culture, alone more than I have ever been before. But It is just about how modify my behaviour to find a way to communicate better and integrate myself better to the surrounding. I know that It is not going to be an easy experience, but It is definitely the best, deep way to grew as a person and develop skills that I expect to be so useful.

If I had walked from Istanbul (My city) to Prag, the trip would have taken 364 hours! So I have just arrived to Slany then 🙂

What happened last week?

  • We have attended to library club with the kids. I learn some Czech words from the kids including days of the week. Although I haven’t much time, It was quite fun.
  • Merlin (My cat) came home finally. Now he is exploring our house, and trying to get used to 🙂
  • I have designed the poster of my Turkish club. I am looking forward to come together with you for speaking in Turkish.
  • On Friday we met with Terka who has an EVS in France. She is travelling around Europe and she’s only 20!
  • We went to a carnival party for kids on Saturday. And I was dressed like a cagewoman & homeless mix. HAHA.

The fog was so scary!

Quote of the week

„Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.“ Pablo Picasso

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