Giulio´s 1st months in Czech Republic

19 Lis Giulio´s 1st months in Czech Republic

My first 2 months in Czech Republic 

When i first applied for this project, i wasn’t even sure what to be a volunteer meant in terms of work, but i was sure to have the right mentality and spirit for it. The main reason for my application was the awful feeling of uselessness that i had, being just a university student from a small town. I needed to feel part of something bigger. As soon as i arrived in here, i met my flat mate Santiago, an amazing spanish guy from Alzira who supported me since the first day and showed himself more similar to me than i could’ve ever immagine. We went together to Ostružná for the on arrival training and met 20 more volunteers, and with my surprise, most of them were there for the same reasons as us. We spent 5 amazing days doing all kinds of activities, from a whole sunday hiking to some introspective ones to help us understand what can we gain from this year abroad and what we need to improve about ourselves. When we started to settle down in Slany,  things have been smooth in every way: the city is small but cozy like a hug, the people are kind and happy to meet foreigners and our flat life is just flowing like we lived here for years. The first month we started to travel a little bit, we went to Pilsen, Brno and several times in Prague. Regarding the ICM activities, all of them are very enjoyable, and i wasn’t even expecting to be good as a “teacher” or to be able to keep kids’s attention so high. Also all the people from icm seems to get along pretty well with us, they’re friendly and very empathic, always finding new ways to let us work better and also to ease our thoughts. Now in November, thanks to our friend and coordinator Sirin, we started to meet with more local people and creating our first friendships, which feels great and surprising since it hasn’t been a long time since we arrived and everything moved soo fast. I feel that things are going to get even better, but if for some reason they’re gonna stay like this, i wouldn’t even be bothered about it, everything is already perfect as it is.

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