Welcome again, this is Giulio speaking from ICM Slaný, and since my project will be over soon (18th of June) I wanted to make a summary of what I gain from this experience. First of all, since I came here I changed a lot, all the conflicts I had with myself are either solved or more manageable, I’ve acquired new communication skills both in working environments and informal ones and last but not least I am aware of all that I am capable of, which is probably the hardest thing I achieved. All the workshops and lessons we had in schools helped me to get into the educational system of a foreign country and understand it, and of course to win a lot of anxieties about my public speaking and similar things. The whole planning process also has been fundamental for my personal growth, with a team at our backs that is just as competent as incredibly human, meaning that we always worked with seriousness and effort, but never forgetting the human side of each one of us, making it the perfect working environment for us and the next volunteers to come. Unfortunately, like every good tale, you can’t get an happy conclusion without something problematic right? 

So, after Christmas we scheduled many activities and workshops to go through, but we had barely 1 month of these activities, cause in March we received instructions to stay home because of something called Coronavirus (which was something we heard weeks before but just from italy and china at first.)

When the COVID-19 pandemic started,we had to face a lot of changes and i’ve been more than overwhelmed with bad thoughts and discomfort. I couldn’t stop thinking about home: my relatives, my girlfriend, my friends, everyone was as far as before, but in a big dangerous situation, so I saw them as if they were in another universe and I couldn’t do anything to help them. After almost 2 months of pure bad feelings and distance from everyone who was surrounding me, I opened my eyes and heart, and realized that my team was there for me, that I could open up with them and fight this feelings in the best way. Now, I am 1 month away from living, we are at work again just like previous times, but even more aware that whatever will happen, we can work together to create and give our best. In conclusion, what this project gave me is: a lot of self-awareness and trust in myself; countless tools to use in every social relation and job I will eventually have, improved my english level with the constant practice and the teaching, but mostly I gained a unique experience with a big second family that I will keep forever close to me, no matter what.
One last thing, if you’re looking forward to an experience like this one, I would suggest to throw yourselves in without thinking too much, surprise and astonishment are very important for you to adapt and learn without any prejudice, just be aware that some bad things will happen for sure like every other year in our lives, but to struggle them by yourself in a new country makes them way more worth fighting for, because it’s that kind of fight that will shape you into an adult more than you can imagine, and isn’t life main point to become one?
Stay safe, be respectful and enjoy life as much as you can!


– Giulio Contini –

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