And it’s snowing again…

11 Lis And it’s snowing again…

*We are writing our blogs in English but today there will be some Czech words here and there :p

Počasí je stelný jako I first arrived v České Republice. It’s freezing. Včera was the first snowy den v roce (nebo roku?! Já nevím! Cases are still a struggle ) . Not much but still, there was snow.

As the měsiče passed by I took part in more activities organized by ICM, I still lead the Řecký Klub, the Angliský klub, I go the knihovna and we now go a lot more often to školy where we make prezentace o Erasmus+ and we also join lekce angličtiny at ZŠ Komenského náměstí.

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Naš projekt dokončí za méně než dva měsíce and now is time for decision making. As I mentioned before I want to stay tady  and now things are starting to fall into place but still there are so many things that need to be done and I need to start planning ahead if I will be staying here for the next years.

V Pátek 18 Listopadu you are all invited to náš francouzský večer,our kamarádka Terka who lived for 9 months in France will have a presentation about France, there will be francouzská hudba, francouzské jídlo so come and have a good time with us. Večer začíná v šest hodin v ICM. (Friday November 18th 18:00 at ICM)

Dneska one of my favourite singers/dj is coming to Prague and I’m so excited, one thing you should know by now pokud čtete můj blog is that miluju hudebních akcí a festivaly. Každý týden there are at least 2 events I want to go to, is impossible to go to all of them but if is someone I really like, I will find čas a peníze to go :p

Listopadu bude poslední měsíc that I will be able to enjoy myself to the fullest as I will need to focus on my responsibilities and everything that needs to be done.

Till next time.


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