Gianni, a Sardinian in Czech Republic

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This article was written by Petra Sýkorová, volounteer of ICM Kladno, during the workshop „napis to!“ in ICM Slaný between 24- 26/10/2014. The photos of this event are taken by me, and is possible to see them using this link .



Gianni, aneb Sardiňanem v Čechách (Gianni, a Sardinian in Czech Republic- Gianni, un sardo in Repubblica Ceca)

Gianni is from Sardinia. Not Italian, as now in the wake of supplies. It is very talkative. At the beginning of the conversation he told me that we have only 35 minutes, but then stayed with me longer and almost netishl bus. He was most impressed questions about the food at which took my notebook and began to click into it the names of typical Sardinian dishes.


Gianni where you come from?


I come from Sardinia, which is a part of Italy, but I do not think as an Italian, I am proud Sardiňan. I live in the south of Sardinia in Cagliari.


What about your family?


I live with my mother, but otherwise I have a big family, like most people in Sardinia. For example, I have five uncles. You’d have to see our family photos, then you’ll understand what I mean by „big family“.


How does your perfect day?


My ideal day would be very long and should be varied program. I spent the whole day getting to know new people, cities and cultures. I would try to understand what most cultures and people who live in a given culture. I would like to understand their habits. I found out if there are stereotypes that I know the truth.


What is your worst habit?


Thus, it is interesting and difficult question. Worst habit probably does not. (After a while) … maybe it’s smoking, even though I do not smoke that much.


Why did you choose the Czech Republic as a place where you can carry out its European Voluntary Service?


It is a country full of new possibilities, people are dynamic and active. The Czech Republic is a country that is growing very much. Not anyone oppressed and is at the center of Europe. I wanted to go somewhere in Central Europe and pursue a topic that interests me, which is sociology.


What do you mean dynamic and active people?


I mean, they are very open. Everyone has their idea, their goal, for which you are going. I managed to get to know already during the first days that I spent here.


What is the difference between lifestyles in the Czech Republic and in Sardinia?


I have a feeling that everything is different. The main difference is about the rhythm of life. In Sardinia we eat sweet breakfast. Lunch break at work, we have up to four hours, because most people go home and cook your own lunch. A dinner with us until around nine, ten o’clock in the evening. I (and I think that most people live in southern Europe) rather owl than lark.


Do you want to stay in the Czech Republic for more than a year?


I have not decided if I stay here. I do not want to go back to Sardinia, because there’s just a tough situation. If you do not „friend“ who is in politics or is a senior, so hard to find a job that you could do. It’s like in the Czech Republic during communism. So in the end you have to opusit country. That is my opinion.

I’m going to miss your family and friends, but we just plan to stay here if I get an offer from South Africa, where the next might go to South Africa. Itself still do not know how it turns out.


If you want just as long to travel and learn about other cultures, do you think that would’ve settled? He had a family?


Having a family is my priority right now. So far, think about it, but if that happened, so we are not against.


Do you have a favorite Czech food or drink that tastes you a lot?


Yes, I have! And it’s sirloin in cream and pork roast, pork. A drink of it all was beer.


What’s your most favorite Italian food and drink?

Beer I like very much and in Sardinia, but not commercial beer Ichnusa. Inchusa is Phoenician, kartážské name for Sardinia. My opinion on this beer is that I would have probably never had to say. Inchusa just not good beer, but we have a lot of small breweries, which has been brewing beer really excellent, as good as in the Czech Republic

I love cooking, so this is for me really heart issue. For main courses I probably like campidanese malloreddus, which are pasta made with a special sauce with Sardinian sausage, onion and šafránem.Další would be pasta with bottarga (fish eggs from).

From the second courses, it would be Maialetto arrosto (young pig, weighing 4 kg), fried fish or Cordula (intestines of sheep, which is purified and then inserted into another part of the body of a sheep).


A Gianni what you told me finally, before you go?


I’d enjoyed what most of my program here in Bohemia. And I would like to know as many people. I’m sure he would ever see.


Then he had to run for the bus, but not before he told me that it must surely add facebook. So we said goodbye that will definitely come soon.


Petra Sýkorová, ICM Kladno

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