EVS training, a good start

13 Říj EVS training, a good start

Last week, a group of boys and girls from all over Europe who have chosen an EVS project in the Czech Republic, met in Horny Lucany, near Jablonec nad Nisou for their training course in preparation for their respective projects.

They were intense days in which the team of volunteers got to know each other, find new ideas, and increasing knowledge about this country. The methods of non-formal education have proved important to trace the soft skills of the participants, thus helping to track down the priorities for themselves, the only way to make this experience even more exciting EVS.

The volunteer group has had the opportunity to meet and learn many aspects of life in the Czech Republic. Numerous were the occasion for studying the basic vocabulary and habits of life in this wonderful country, all in the beautiful natural frame of Horny Lucany.

I want to make my personally thanks  for our trainers Jana, Monika, Helena, and Klára for their passion and their commitment to this work and for their patience in following the activities and needs of all the volunteers who participated in this training course. I’m sure with most of the volunteers there will be opportunities to meet again and discover together the Czech Republic. The dialogue between cultures is the lifeblood of this Europe. The EVS projects offer an important opportunity for those who have a keen interest in deepening knowledge of Europe.


The group of volunteers has shown a great interest in Czech culture, learn the language, meet other people and enjoy the beauty of outdoor trips and collecting mushrooms in respect of  the best tradition of the Czech Republic. But above all, the volunteers showed a strong desire to test themselves and their lives, all of the participants in this course have believed and still believe that the EVS is the best way to experience Europe and in doing so learn about the deep roots that bind us to each other.

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