On-arrival training

02 Pro On-arrival training

Two days after saying goodbye to Swedish and Czech people, I went to Horní Maršov to participate in my on-arrival training for EVS volunteers.

   What did I do there? Well, I’m not in the mood for writing, so I’ll be succint today.

   We spent five days sorrounded by mountains and their beautiful autumn colours, making some dynamics to learn the names and so on. We learnt more about what is an EVS. What to expect about it, to take as much advantage as we can during our experiencie and also to be realistic (because at the beginning we are on fire, everything is new, we have new and interesting stimulus every place we look at and those feelings and emotions end sooner or later).

   We also learnt more about what is Youthpass, why is useful, etc. The leaders also taught us how we can travel easily and in a cheap way and some places to visit in Czech Republic as well. We were introduced in the Czech culture too: music, festivals, theatre, history…

   And some of the participants (including me) made their own workshops for the rest of the people. Photography, music games, trusts games… The last one was mine and I was so nervous, but thanks Sara (another Spanish participant) I could go through it and I could be succesful, I think (but the merits belong to Sara 😀 ). We also made an excursion to the mountains nearby and the views were totally great, really, the thick fog everywhere couldn’t stop us to enjoy them.

   But for me, the most important thing was related to our projects as volunteers and the fact that in one of the activities we had to think about our goals during our experiencie here in so many areas. Those activities made me feel really motivated, wanting to star new projects… As we say in Spain, “I wanted to eat the world”. And for me it was really great, because I had a lot of energy since I’ve arrived here and after that it had concrete way to go throgh.

   Apart from that, I was really sick so I couldn’t enjoy as much as I wanted of the social part of the exchange, what is actually a pity… But as we learnt during those days, succes is not only to achieve something, but also to learn about the process, to be aware of your mistakes, to enjoy the journey. And I did it, indeed 🙂

   So it seems I haven’t been so succint after all…


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