Journal. FHWN: Episode VII.

23 Čvc Journal. FHWN: Episode VII.

   Today I have to talk you about Monday and Tuesday. And I will start with Monday because I want to finish that in a quick and painless way. It was Prague-day-trip. And let´s say it was hard because the weather was so hot and humit and the way uphill to the castle wasn´t exactly easy. After crossing Charles´s bridge and seeing the astronomic clock, we split up and Širín and I could have some rest after leading the whole group. So we were to the mall, because my converse were totally broken as well as my trainers, that were broken just a few minutes before our journey into the forest the previous day. I have a thing for broken shoes and it´s not annoying at all. But when we were at the mall, a call from a Czech participant saying that  two Spanish guys get lost. PANIC. PANIC. PANIC. Did I say PANIC? Luckily, they arrived on time for the departure to Liberec. And afterwards, some pizzeria time. Iveta, Míša, Širín, Patrik and I just drinking (I will not mention how much or if there were pivo or becherovka at all) and chatting. I will summarize my speeches with: f**k, f*****g, and LIES, LIES, LIES. I know I´m a lovely person. Hello.

   And Tuesday was a pretty good day. We started with some stretching that I love followed by some games. That day we had to play some theatre like superheros. Not once, but twice. I was participating as well and it was uncomfortable experience, but well, I had to try. I don´t remember much more about that day because today is Friday, we do a lots of things here and when I was writing on the blog on wednesday morning, everything was deleted so I am writing everything again. And that sucks. But well, we made the second bonfire that night and we were playing some nice games. The best part was wolf-Patrik, in case someone knows what I am talking about.

  Wednesday was quite intense day. We were rolling, playing again, and we had the „circle of excepcionality“. It was very touching activiity and afterwards Míša gave us a really good dinner that we deserved, because the people from the acommodation didn´t give us exactly a good one, eating sandwiches every evening. Good to know that they call themselves an ecocentrum, because it is the best joke ever.

   And yesterday, on Thursday, more superheros and carnival. We spent almost all afternoon making up costumes about our inner superhero, with its name, superpowers and kryptonite as well. It was intense for me, because I had to lead some workshops and I had several deep conversations with some people, even when it was a hard time for me. But I was able to laugh so outloud too so it was pretty good thing. Even though I am not able to use my sense of humor today here, and I can blame without shame to the bad weather (and I don´t say „fucking“ because somehow I don´t know how to put the little stars to censure it). During night, some drinking and nice conversations and a nice gift that Kača, one Czech participant, organize to congratulate me for my name´s day.

   And that´s all for today. If I accomplish to survive slash don´t killing myself during today, I will let you know what will happen today, during the last day of the exchange. Stay tunned!! Or not.


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