Journal. FHWN: Episode V.

19 Čvc Journal. FHWN: Episode V.

   I don´t know if the empire strikes. Whatever that means. What I know is that today I didn´t wake up early to run and now I have a mood like s**t. Maybe that was the reason I was doing it, like a sign from gods or something. So it´s difficult for me to write about yesterday. But I will try. (Really, I think I wanna die).

   Actually, yesterday rocked it. After free morning for participants, we were stretching with Zhan, the Spanish leader (and before talking more about this, I have to say he is the best leader EVER). So, this energizer slash stretching thing was really good. I enjoyed a lot particularly and actually it was my favorite part of the day. After that some games including a trust one, where we had to go with closed eyes droven by someone. In my case was Zuzana and thank god she didn´t put me in a hole or something.

 The rest of the day just went with the flow. And we too. Another great thing was the languages games we did. We had to learn some Czech or Spanish and of course the things we learnt the most were bad words. I´m sure you´re surprised.

   After that, I had a really nice time again with Míša and Iveta at the pizzeria. Neither wine nor early morning this time. But there was beer and laughs and the stars above us. Later on, they went to bed and I stayed in the dinning room playing some games with some of the participants. It has been the day I slept the most, but I´m zombie Etna today. Mysteries. At least no eruptions today.

  That´s all, folks!

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