Journal. FHWN: Episode VI. The return of the Jedi.

21 Čvc Journal. FHWN: Episode VI. The return of the Jedi.

   Jedi is back. Hello. Today I have lots of things to tell you because yesterday I skipped writing here. So, actually the day before yesterday was kind of intense and sad for me at the same time. I couldn´t go to the stretching workshop of the Spanish leader which I really like because I had to prepared some things. That morning I woke up like a zombie and I kept that mood/wayofliving for the rest of the day. And in case there is any doubts, it sounds funny, but it isn´t. I will summarize saying that I had to lead more workshops than I expected because Iveta and Míša were lost in the middle of the forest. CATASTROPHE. But don´t worry, we didn´t lost our leaders, they survived. The good part is that now I´m more confident speaking in front of people and I could manage to lead the workshops. Or maybe it was only that I was a zombie and I am mixing it with self-confidence. Who knows now. Also I found my inner superhero. It´s called Super Divoká Etna.

   And yesterday it was pretty good day. We started our day making a superhero journey. And by „journey“ I mean that we had to go through the Czech forest slash hill and I almost don´t survive going uphill. It seemed to me more a mountain than a hill, actually. We weren´t allowed to tallk among us and we had to think about our inner heroes. But really, I was only thinking how not to fall down at every step. Thank Lord Patrik was there. He was kind of a hero for me during those hard moments of my life (insert tears here).

Family portrait with Jan Novák

   The rest of the journey was great. I could enjoy the views and I had really good conversations with people, which gave me some kind of hope that I lost the previous day. After that, kind of free afternoon where I had a siesta longer that I wanted. During the afternoon, more work. We were working in groups, like a league of superheroes or something, and we did our comic strip as every day. One word: SUMMERGUN. In the meantime we were making family portraits, new friends and boyfriend and touching and talking with Jan Novák. It was nice that part of the night on the outside, talking with Širín, Míša, Patrik, Levon and Iveta, about people, places and things.

   Definetely it was a wonderful day.

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