Journal. FHWN: Episode IV. A new hope.

17 Čvc Journal. FHWN: Episode IV. A new hope.

   I´m just writing from our „international evening“. Yes. I´m still here. And right now we are playing to „what would you do if…?“. It has been really looooong day. Yes. I needed all those „o“. Seriously, I can barely remember what I´ve done today. Well. I´ll start from the beginning.. And when I said beginning I meant when I woke up before 7 am to go running. Yes. I don´t know either what I was thinking about. But there I was, super motivated Cristina running in the middle of the Czech mountains like if there won´t be a tomorrow to do it again. Seriously. What the hell I was thinking about. Do you know it? Great. Neither do I.

   So after that, huge amounts of food for breakfast and some energizers and games that I skipped to bring you this fabulous journal and the pictures I´m selecting very carefully (or not) to post on our facebook album. Later we got into the topic with some workshops like our „Superhero Journey“. We made some rules as well to make our days here together more comfortable. I guess the best part of those ones were not drinking alone and not sleeping alone. Except if you snore. In that case you must. Ah, yes. Also the push ups you have to do every minute you are late but nobody does. Well, Czech people do. We Spanish know how to avoid it very well. You can ask us for advice whenever you want. You´re welcome.

   We had also a nice trip to the town. If you think a 20 minutes stroll it should be called „trip“. People used that time to buy some things for the international evening and to ask me about souvenirs to buy when we´ll go to Prague in a few days. But not pivo. Why not pivo? Well, apparenty Mucha pictures was a nice idea for then. Let´s see what they buy. Now I´m curious if the Spanish will be satisfied with their shopping.

   And to finish our hard schedule, some evaluation and comic strip workshop. I´m looking forward to see the results, because the results will be made by me. Really. So looking forward to know how I will figure out how to handle such a challenge. Someone, please, come to save me? I need a hero. Would you be mine, dear? And later, finally, International Evening. Sangría was already finished before we started, ehem. And later, well… Fun. Fun. Fun.

   And the funniest thing is that I just had to finish my post today. Not today during the party. But I had to go to sleep. And I´ve gone early morning to run again. I don´t know what´s wrong with me, guys. I have some muscles hurting that I didn´t even know I had before. I need a new hope.

 Tomorrow more. Or not. Maybe Etna will survive.

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