Diego o jeho On-Arrival setkání v Ostravici

12 Pro Diego o jeho On-Arrival setkání v Ostravici

EVS, European volunteer service.

It can be just letters for you, EVS, that‚s it, but no, EVS is the answer to many questions, it’s the way to meet new people and to spread the different cultures that we have around the world, EVS is the hapiness of a lot of people and the spirit of overcoming, is the reason I am awake again and the reason why I have encouragement to work every day.

But EVS is a connection between many people from different parts of the world, we are dozens of EVS volunteers around Czech Republic, living the experience, helping people, meeting each others, and improving together to do our best every day.

One part of the EVS is the on-arrival training, five days of coexistence, just after you come to your host country, five days to meet people from 10 different countries, time enough to fall in love with all the awesome things they have to share, five days to learn with czech trainers, to study new tricks to help and to be helped, hang out with amazing people and the most important thing, have new friends around Czech Republic.

what do you think about the EVS projects, It is not soo bad to be a homeless, right?


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